project: azito
location: shizuoka
type of use: villa
status: completed

architect: kentaro kimizuka/kimizuka architects
photo: makoto yasuda

brief description:
Azito is a villa located on a steep slope land. The building was originally deserted for a long time before this conversion was made.

The villa is connected with the main hotel area by the strategically designed long approach, from which guests can hardly recognise the appearance. For this reason, the design focuses on how to make the architectural promenade from the guests’ eye level point of view.

The axis of the long approach extends to and penetrates the inside of the villa diagonally and creates the open hallway along itself. At the end of the hallway, guests can gaze out of full height large fixed windows at beautiful views including the ocean in the distance. By the effect of the diagonal axis, the ocean view uniquely comes into sight from the right as guests are getting near the windows.

The bath room which is almost open-air with large sliding windows fully open, also has the ocean view. Shimmering of water in the bath makes guests feel like the water is almost as a part of the ocean.