m house

project: m house
location: tokyo
type of use: private house
status: completed (concept design)

architect: kentaro kimizuka/kimizuka architects
photo: kentaro kimizuka

brief description:
A small extension to activate the relation between an existing house and its garden.

The existing garden area is very “narrow and long” along the approach on a couple of meters lower ground. The scheme refers to the concept of British terrace house with “narrow and long” garden behind. However, the depth of this extension block is much shorter without garden space behind; actually the main block is allocated perpendicularly to the axis of the approach.

The proposed plan for the extension block looks like a terrace house folded by 180 degrees. It means that the approach and garden sit on the same side. However, the garden is accessible only through the extension block without short pass from the approach, so that the plan wisely keeps the sequence of terrace house with garden behind.